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Taking the Guesswork Out of a
$1.4 Billion Canadian Highway Project

Canada's Amico Affiliates uses Leica Geosystems' new MS50 MultiStation and SmartNet global positioning to tackle major trade corridor between the U.S. and Canada.

How Munilla Construction Management Paves with Accuracy & Efficiency

Love Field is a city-owned public airport that lies six miles northwest of Dallas, Texas. It was Dallas's only major airport until 1974, when its status was somewhat eclipsed by the opening of the larger Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport.

How Cycle Construction
Excavates Canals in Record Time

One of the most troublesome canals in Jefferson Parish is the Gardere, a 60-foot wide, shallow, "W-shaped" canal, with a 20-foot middle section about 5 feet deep, and 20-foot wide keyways along the outer edges that are about 7 feet deep.